Biotics: Choose your weapon (Anti, Pro, Pre and Syn)

good-health-thumb-400x258-124775When was your last visit to the hospital? When has it been since your last check-up at a clinic? Each one of us has probably caught a disease a simple cold once in our lives. Minor or major, it doesn’t matter. We have been compromised many times in the past and probably at this moment. People have been using millions and millions of pills every single day just to cure this headache, that stomach ache, this joint pain, that muscle pain. In this era of over-the-counter medicines, we wonder how much of our lives changed for the better? Really?download

Early this century, the vaccine was discovered by an accident and it has changed the health science sector down to its core. And now, in the western world, it has been an escalating issue in health care: should we or should we not mandate vaccines in the society? That is debatable! As we go through the age of high-level computing and computer processing, we can observe and even simulate the possible effects of different drugs and chemicals in our body. Take for example, antibiotics! Antibiotics simply means “against living things“. It comes from two Greek words: ANTI – and biōtikosfit for life‘, which literally means ‘doubting the possibility of life in a particular environment‘. So let me give you visual representation, now imagine your beautiful city (i.e. New York City, LA, Tokyo etc.) with millions of residents and citizens as the living organisms and then try to imagine someone dropping an atomic bomb in that city, that’s your antibiotic! And try doing it three times a day for 3 days (haha). In the past, antibiotics were believed as the miracle pill, cause it just killmost‘ of our health problems, even petty headaches or muscle pain.easy_buster_cropped But in fact, they are harmful to the residents of our body – the microorganisms. Just like the example above, we want to kill the bad guys in NYC but we forgot that there are ‘good‘ people there too, by dropping not just one, not just two atomic bombs! Not only that, but antibiotics pose greater threat to our health by developing resistance of pathogens to that antibiotics (which we will talk about in another post).

So today we are actually looking for better alternatives to antibiotics. I am not saying antibiotics are harmful to us humans. What I am saying is that we risk altering the normal status of our health. Our immune system can actually handle most of our problems and diseases, because that’s how the body and the rest of the systems were designed. We don’t need antibiotics but we gotta do something else. We need to augment that system so that when something unexpected happen it is ready to fight those bad and toxic elements invading our body. How do we do that? By being careful in our food choices, sleeping patterns, exercise and daily habits. We also have probiotic bacteria that has beneficial effects in managing cholesterol levels, immune response and proper chemical balance and even combat foreign pathogens. mechanismNon-digestible carbohydrates (prebiotics) that can actually promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, as well as the combination of both. Those little things really do matter! The sad thing is we are too lazy to think and plan ahead. Only if we apply the overused word “Health is wealth“, then we will be able to realize that there’s nothing more important than improving our health! At the end of the day, that’s what really remain with us, right?

I will always believe in that saying… “Prevention is better than cure” or in other words “Pre-, pro- and synbiotics are better than antibiotics“. Choose your weapon!fige07


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